What is Sports Operations

As I said in my previous post, my major is Operations Management and I enjoy sports. If you have never heard of what operations management is, it “refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization.” The sports industry is is a huger industry. Whether it is NBA, MLS, MLB, or NFL there are operations jobs in all aspects of sports. These are only the major league teams. SO could also include sports business’s such as Dicks, Nike, Academy Sports and Outdoors, etc. It could involve event planning such as planning a golf tournament, the NCAA Basketball tournament, or even the Superbowl. There are numerous jobs in the sports industry that include operations.  When you put operations management and sports together…you get sports operations-easy as that.

Stadiums I Have Been To


One of the best things about sports is the lessons you learn. My biggest lesson I have learned is to never quit when you are down. For example, when I was a freshman in high school I did not make the baseball team. Instead of quitting and never playing again I joined the cross country and track team to get in better shape. The following year I tried out for the the baseball team again and made it this time. I played throughout high school. If I had quit when I was down then I would have forever regretted my decision. Instead I learned a valuable life lesson. 

Alabama Basketball

Last night I attended my first Alabama Basketball game of the year. They played Oregon. It was a thriller to say the least however it ended in a tragedy. They were leading by 12 points at half but struggled beginning of the second half. They had chances to tie it and even win it in the end but failed to do so. The event was put on by a group called Knight Eady Sports Group. If you click on the link you it sends you to their website. They focus on everything from marketing to event management which is a great example of a company that portrays sports operations.