My teams

Who are my favorite sports teams in each sport? For all collegiate sports as you can guess I pull for Alabama…I go there. In the NFL I go for the Saints. My mom is from New Orleans so I have traveled there many of times and seen them. As a youngin I pulled for the Jaguars, but that was only for their colors. MLB- I pull for the Yankees and the Braves. The Braves are closest to home, however I used to be a Rangers fan because of Alex Rodriguez and ever since he moved to the Yanks I have rooted for them. NBA- The Pelicans, once again because they are from New Orleans. I have cheered them one since they had Baron Davis when they were called the Hornets. As for Soccer and NHL, I do not specifically have a favorite team. In the NHL I like the penguins because of their mascot, but as far as MLS goes, I just like to watch teams compete.